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A workshop-based introduction to virtual reality in upper secondary school teaching.

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Understanding the potential of technology to make impact and also understanding that virtual reality technology is important skill for the future.

Klassikka in a nutshell

Kuopion Klassillinen lukio, commonly known as Klassikka, is a non-graded upper secondary school in Eastern Finland. It is also one of the 15 upper secondary schools in Finland with the Olympic committee Sports Academy programme.

Our students are 16-19 years of age. There are a bit over 600 students in the school, including 190 athletes, and some 38 teachers and 15 trainers.

Studying at Klassikka

At Klassikka there is a great variety of courses to choose from. In addition to a wide selection of courses in natural sciences and languages, it is also possible to study entrepreneurship, robotics or stress management.

To balance the theoretical subjects there is a choir and a band where students can develop their musical skills. In addition, our students have access to the latest technology, including up-to-date computers, a 3D printer and virtual reality headsets.

The students are required to complete at least 150 credits in three or four years. During their final year the students undergo the nationally graded matriculation examination (Ylioppilastutkinto). Further information on upper secondary education in Finland can be found on the Finnish National Agency for Education website.

The famous Klassikka spirit plays a major role in our everyday life. It can be seen in our classrooms, our traditions, and in the fellowship among students and teachers, past and present. We take great pride in being members of the Klassikka community.

The Sports programme

At Klassikka the students have a unique opportunity to pursue both academic and athletic achievements. The sports programme started in 1990 and after four trial years the programme was made permanent. The curriculum structure facilitates top-level training and the extensive classroom video materials enable studying even for those who travel frequently.

Klassikka offers a great range of different sports to train in. The largest groups are in ice hockey and various ball games but athletics, swimming, dancing, skiing and ski jumping are also popular.

International cooperation

At Klassikka we value our international connections greatly. We are active in taking part in different projects both near and far. Each year we also have exchange students and teachers from around the world studying and teaching in our school. We strongly feel this broadens the horizons of all involved.

We’d be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in collaborating with us. Please see our contact information.

History of Klassikka

The history of Klassikka begins shortly after the Winter War in 1940 when the classical lyceum in Vyborg was dissolved and the Kuopio classical school was established in its place. The new school had some of its teachers and accessories move in from Vyborg.

In the beginning Klassikka and was an all-boys school with only 37 students but by 1965 that number had grown to 400. 1965 also saw some major changes – Klassikka moved to its current location and became a mixed-gender school. Additionally the students could now choose to study other languages instead of just Latin.

Today Klassikka in attended by some 630 students and 38 teachers making it one of the largest upper secondary schools in Finland. The school building was thoroughly renovated in 2005-2006. It stands in a convenient location right next to the Kuopio hall, and near the Puijo sports centre, Niirala ice arena and Niirala swimming pool.


An enchanting performance

An enchanting performance

Haidar Al-Morayed reporting: On February 15th, the annual Vanhojen tanssit celebration was held in Kuopion klassillinen lukio. Vanhojen tanssit (the Finnish version of prom) is a ball held the day after the oldest students have left the school to study for their...

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Change of headmaster

Change of headmaster

Ella Mustonen reporting: Who’s a person who takes care of everything but whose work nobody seems to notice? In Klassikka this person is the principal. Jukka Sormunen has been the principal of Klassikka for over sixteen years. He came to Kuopio as a physical education...

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Interview: Wadi Abimeri

Interview: Wadi Abimeri

Jolanda Varis reporting: Wadi Abimeri describes himself as a social person who likes to play football and enjoys reading as well. He lives in Mérida, Yucatán, southern part of Mexico. Wadi has already been visiting Finland and Klassikka for half a year, and among...

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Perseverance and determination with a bit of Canada

Perseverance and determination with a bit of Canada

Jolanda Varis reporting: Have you ever wanted to visit Canada, or learn more about it? Meet Cameron Butler, a seventeen-year-old Canadian who is currently in an exchange in Klassikka, Kuopio. What qualities are important when in exchange? What does Cameron tell us...

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