“My year in Finland, different education”

Pin-Hsing,Wen ( Rotary exchange student 2016-17 )

Hel­lo eve­ryo­ne!I’m Pinh­sing.I am from Tai­wan.

Time flies, eve­ryt­hing feel like just hap­pe­ned yes­ter­day. But one year has gone. I would like to thank all the stu­dents who had hel­ped me in class du­ring this year. And I am also gra­te­ful for the te­ac­hers. Hel­ping me un­ders­tand the cour­se con­tent and even give me some es­say to think about. I’m re­al­ly app­re­ci­a­te for all of you from the bot­tom of my he­art.

Fin­land is a very dif­fe­rent count­ry to Tai­wan. And ”Edu­ca­ti­on sys­tem dif­fe­ren­ces” are the most in­te­res­ting thing for me to know. So I was ma­king a stu­dy about the dif­fe­rent edu­ca­ti­on sys­tems. I got 60 Tai­wa­ne­se and Fin­nish high school stu­dents’ qu­es­ti­on­nai­res back. I no­ti­ced that the­re are many dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween.

From the data, we can know Tai­wa­ne­se stu­dents have more pres­su­re of stu­dying, from their fa­mi­ly or class­ma­te. The re­sult shows that the­re are 56.7% Tai­wa­ne­se stu­dents’ fa­mi­lies have ever be­a­ten them be­cau­se of their exam re­sult. But in Fin­land, it’s qui­te rare, just 7.7%.

We ar­ri­ve at the fol­lo­wing re­view. The­re are very dif­fe­rent edu­ca­ti­on sys­tem bet­ween two count­ries. Ho­we­ver, it’s in­ters­ting that most of the stu­dents think stu­dy is for fu­tu­re. I also se­arc­hed data of PISA2012,2015. The­se two count­ries ocup­pied the front po­si­ti­ons in many sub­jects. Their re­sults were in a dead heat. But tai­wan stu­dents are more stres­sed and their ave­ra­ge of  in­te­res­ting of stu­ding are lo­wer than Fin­land. I think Tai­wa­ne­se stu­dents shouldn’t have so long school days. The re­sults show that 44.8% hig­her than 9 hours, 55.2% 7-8 hours eve­ry­day.

”Le­ar­ning is not only for num­ber,for fu­tu­re.” Many stu­dents per­for­man­ces in school af­fect their mood. It’s nor­mal. But how do let le­ar­ning be more in­te­res­ting? more ea­sier? This is what school have to care more no­wa­day. This year, I came to this school to ex­pe­rien­ce the dif­fe­rent school life. It was ama­zing! I saw the dif­fe­ren­ces; I made friends; I le­ar­ned new lan­gu­a­ge and cul­tu­re. It had been the best year ever! Thank you eve­ryo­ne! I will ne­ver for­get you all and of cour­se I am co­ming back to Fin­land soon! Kii­tos!

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